Jan. 11th, 2016

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Oh god I still owe so many comment replies and messages and emails, I'm so sorry. My arms are *worse* and as my therapist points out, now I have loads of depressive symptoms as well, because all the stuff that I would normally do and which would make me feel less depressed (e.g. being in contact with people, enjoying my hobbies, carrying on life as normal), I *can't* do right now because my arms are buggered. But, in brief: I'm sorry I haven't been in touch. I really will try to get back to you at some point. And I will also finish the affinityverse piece once more waiting halfway done while I got this out of my system as soon as my arms allow. God, this is the sort of thing I used to get out in less than a week -_-;

The Exorcist's Apprentice, Musketeers fic, stupid exorcist fic.

Disclaimer: Just, really, it isn't mine, no.

Rating: Probably R; some violence though mostly off-screen, and a little gore.

Warnings: Shit can always be as disturbing as I promised on part one; vampires, grief, and at least a side-eye towards bestiality at one point if that really disturbs anyone (look, in this universe, at some point someone was going to look at Aramis and Porthos and *wonder*).

Summary: He knows, immediately, that he's never going home.

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