Aug. 13th, 2015

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Quiet, musketeers!fic, not affinityverse; I tried so hard not to write the OT3 modern AU exorcist fic but in the end I guess I just sort of wrote the OT3 modern AU exorcist fic -_-; This is a universe, not a standalone (dammit) though at least it's a verse where d'Artagnan will probably turn up in more of a hurry than he manages in the affinityverse . . .

Update on the shoulder and comments because I really do care about these things: I am *so sorry* not to have replied to some comments yet, *sorry*. The shoulder's bad - I was at physio today and I've been told it's ahahahahahah a typing related injury, e.g., TYPE LESS RAINJOY. I've been put on strict 30 minute blocks of typing time. Between my thesis, my job, and the fact that I need to write to keep myself from going *weird*, I have to prioritise those three things. But I promise I will be with you as soon as I can, because it bothers me that you were really nice and left a comment and I haven't managed to say thank you yet! Anyway, back to the fic . . .

Rating: R (whole fic will go up to NC-17, often for disturbing subject matter rather than smut)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, between the characters and the epic cliché that makes up the rest of this.

Warnings and spoilers: Spoilerwise this fic is a kind of alternative S1 so you can expect sideways spoilers to that, but I doubt I'll bother with anything from S2. Warningswise, fuck. In this fic, violence and mention of a suicide, but this 'verse is essentially horror - I write a lot of fantasy and a lot of it is bedded in horror in various ways, but this just flat out is horror, we're dealing with fucking vampires and werewolves. Where there are werewolves you can expect a lot of violence; vampires are a whole different story. Vampires are an old terror of ours (they seem to crop up in multiple cultures around the world), they've had centuries to percolate through our stories, which has allowed them to build up a whole bunch of rich and super-disturbing associations with power and sex (and, in some later work, addiction). Where you have creatures grounded in metaphors for power and sex and it's the twenty-first century and long past time we talked about these things, you can expect consent to come up sooner or later, in a variety of potentially disturbing ways. So today's warning is vampires: they don't sparkle, and they are a mirror of the worst fucking parts of us.

Summary: On vampires.

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